College GPA Calculator

College GPA Calculator


The grade chart below shows the scale that will be used to calculate your grade point average. Make sure you select the correct grade scale so your GPA calculation is accurate.

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This field is optional. Use this if you also want to calculate your cumulative GPA.


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Calculator Instructions

  1. Start by selecting the GPA grade scale to use. Many schools utilize different grade scales, so be sure and pick the correct one. If you don't see your grade scale, send us an email and we will add it.
  2. (OPTIONAL) Next, enter your cumulative GPA and cumulative Credits to date. This is useful if you have already completed several courses and you wish to calculate your new cumulative GPA. If you enter this data, your new cumulative GPA will be calculated and displayed in the results area.
  3. Next, enter the grade received and the number of credits for each course completed during the semester. You can also enter the course name (e.g. History 101) if you wish, but this is not required.
  4. If you have more than 5 courses that you need to enter, press the "Add Course" button and additional input fields will be added.
  5. Finally, press the calculate button and your grade point average will be displayed in the results area.
  6. Press the "Clear" button to remove your inputs.

Video Instructions

How do I calculate GPA?

  1. First, multiple the grade points earned for each class by the number of credit hours. Repeat this for each class.
  2. Next, add the values calculated from step 1 together. Save this number for later use.
  3. Then, add the number of credit hours for each course together. Save this number.
  4. Last, calculate your grade point average by dividing the number calculated in step 2 by the number calculated in step 3.

GPA Formula

grade point average = (g1 x c1 + g2 x c2 + g3 x c3 + ...) / (c1 + c2 + c3 + ...)


g = grade

c = credits

Example Calculation

Here is an example. Let's assume you are taking 3 courses this semester: math, science, and speech. In math, you received an "A" for the class. At your school, an "A" is worth 4 grade points and the class is worth 3 credit hours. In science, you received a "B". At your school, a "B" is worth 3 grade points and the class is worth 3 credit hours. In speech class, you also earned a "B". The "B" is worth 3 grade points and the speech class is worth 2 credit hours. So let's run the numbers.

  1. For each class, multiple the grade points earned by the credit hours. So for math, we have 4 grade points earned multiplied by 3 credit hours equals 12. For science, we have 3 grade points earned times 3 credit hours equals 9. For speech, we have 3 grade points earned times 2 credit hours equals 6.
  2. Now add the values calculated above. This gives us 12 + 9 + 6 = 27. We'll save this number for use in a moment.
  3. Next, add up the credit hours for each class. Math and science were both worth 3 credit hours and speech was worth 2 credit hours. That gives us 3 + 3 + 2 = 8.
  4. To calculate our GPA, divide the value from step 2 by the value from step 3. That gives us 27 / 8 = 3.38. So in this example, our GPA is 3.38.

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